Renewable Gas Solutions

Decarbonise what cannot be electrified

Electricity represents today only a 20% share of final consumption. Electrification of end usage will grow massively in the decades to come. What ever can be electrified should be. But to reach Climate Neutrality by 2050, with agressive 2030 milestone, Europe needs to develop a complementary energy vector to the electron, to decarbonise what cannot be electrified.

Even more urgently, Europe’s economy requires large scale projects investments to recover from COVID social and economical impacts, strengthen its geopolitical position vs China & US and increase its energy independence.

Even with agressive projections for frugality, efficiency, carbon capture and sequestration, Biomethane and Green hydrogen appear mandatory to unlock low carbon energy systems. REGAENERGY aims at pushing this transition, starting with Southern Europe, and Portugal.

Systemic challenges call for systemic solutions.

Electrification and Renewable Gas unlocks a low carbon society

Vision Statement Thomas Carrier - Founder

Moderation is Growth 🌱

I spent half of my professional life in China, India and South-East Asia. And it has become clear to me that energy is like sugar, data... You need a minimum to enable personal growth.

I spent the other half of my career in Europe and the US, and it has also become clear to me that global warming is like diabetes, tech addiction... Excess generates negative externalities that prevents personal growth.

The happiest people I met in my life, across the world, are those who have access to more than enough, yet they seek moderation.

To me, moderation, so difficult to achieve, is the ultimate marker of personal growth.

How does that translate for the energy transition?

Sunrise industries 🌅

If we truly are people centric, the energy transition needs to nurture and enable people's own growth towards moderation. Not force it. Global COVID lockdown trauma is a strong reminder.

The energy transition is not demand driven.

It is driven by science-based regulations and market designs that will set sustainability and low carbon as the new licence-to-operate.

It is up to us, business leaders, to take on the challenge.

It means that "sunset" industries must transform. I know from my professional experience, that large industrial conglomerates can do that quite fast. Fast enough?

This transformation will generate immense opportunities for the new "sunrise" industries.

What does this entail for the European "sunrise" energy industry ?

Top Model 🇪🇺

Europe is only responsible for about 10% of global emissions, yet with its global trade role and soft power, it has a unique opportunity to transition fast to a moderate, sustainable, low carbon societal model. And enable it worldwide.

Clear taxonomy, widespread predictable ambitious carbon tax, coherent carbon border adjustment mechanism, equitable redistribution, are perfect tools to drive this transformation and set a totally new level playing field.

A blue ocean for sunrise industries, and for fast transforming incubent industries.

A gold rush for progressive member states who can clearly identify their "unfair" advantages, bet heavily on them, across political cycles, to capture enormous additional value domestically (€ and beyond).

What does it mean for Portugal?

Portugal 🇵🇹

Today, in Portugal like in every other countries, only 20% of end-use energy applications are electrified.

Whatever can be electrified should be. Several industrial applications, such as high grade heat that usually run on coal, oil, or natural gas, cannot be electrified and need alternative decarbonization solutions.

Moreover, those applications are deeply integrated into highly sensitive processes: changing the fuel, the burners, and the process specificities are a huge investment that should not be overlooked.

Portuguese industries need a robust decarbonization solution for those energy applications, while ensuring the same level of service from current fossil alternatives (safety, competitiveness, reliability).

Renewable Gas (BioMethane and Green Hydrogen) offers an excellent solution to that challenge.

Portugal can leverage its abundant biogas and solar resources to enable low-carbon national industrial champions.

From Portuguese sustainable resources, to Portuguese sustainable industries: let’s close the loop!